About Us

Our Approach

Each item is handcrafted with love and patience. It is easy to mass produce cards and home decor, but handcrafted means it has come from the heart. At Auntie Holly’s Artistry we strive to make your gift giving a more personal experience.

Our Story

Why Auntie Holly’s Artistry? I have the most adorable nephew and niece, Charlie and Annabelle. Since the day Charlie was born, I have had no greater joy than giving them a little trinket each time I see them. Many of the gifts I give them are handmade by me. It brings me immeasurable joy to see their little eyes light up when they open a present of handmade princess memory cards or dinosaur tracks for a bedroom door. That is the same joy I want to bring to your life when you give a gift.

Meet the Team

The team for now is my husband and I. Adam is my chief cheerleader and technical support. I may do the crafting but it would be impossible without him by my side.

Next Steps…

Please feel free to shop the site. If you see something but it is not quite the right color or size, please drop me a line at holly@hollyjill.net with your request. To every extent possible I will fill all order requests.